Ultra Light Loupes
Just like our award winning LED headlight, every one of our loupes are designed by doctors, for doctors. Our oculars are made with precision machined quartz glass lenses that are dual layered - giving you an expanded view of your operating area.
Micro Lense Loupes
Our Micro Lense oculars comes in both 2.5X and 3.0X magnification. These loupes are primarily designed for doctors and hygienists who demand a lower magnification with extremely light weight.
2.5X Magnification
Weight: 34 Grams
Depth of Field: 3.2 inches
Field of View: 3 inches
3.0X Magnification
Weight: 34 Grams
Depth of Field: 3.2 inches
Field of View: 3 inches
Classic Lense Loupes
Our classic lense loupes feature our most advanced gallilean style oculars. Weighing 41 grams, this pair of loupes is the perfect balance of higher magnification, light weight, and clarity
3.5X Magnification
Weight: 41 Grams
Depth of Field: 2.5 inches
Field of View: 2.5 inches
InfinityLense Loupes
Our Infinity Lense loupes are featured in 4.0X, 4.5X, and 5.0X magnification. This series of loupes gives doctors a full dynamic range of choices of a light weight prismatic style loupe.
4.0X Magnification
Weight: 53 Grams
Depth of Field: 2 inches
Field of View: 2 inches
4.5X Magnification
Weight: 54 Grams
Depth of Field: 1.8 inches
Field of View: 1.8 inches
5.0X Magnification
Weight: 55 Grams
Depth of Field: 1.5 inches
Field of View: 1.5 inches
LoupeFrame Styles