Dynamix Loupes Warranty Policy 

Dynamix Loupes provides a limited one year warranty on all loupes purchased through Dynamix Loupes. The warranty on all products applies to the customer who originally purchased the products. For international customers, the warranty is subject to jurisdictions. The warranty policy is non transferrable and is subject to and provided only on the terms and conditions set below:

Warranty policy is activated upon the customers’ receipt of items. Under this warranty, Dynamix Loupes warrants lenses, frames, and screws be free of defects in material and assembly, and perform in accordance with specifications made by Dynamix Loupes. The warranty time period begins on the original date of purchase from Dynamix Loupes.

The above warranty listed as “limited” does not cover accidental damage, breakage, failure due to mistreatment, accidents, tampering, setup failure, shipping, modification in any way, normal wear and tear, or improper maintenance or cleaning procedures. The warranty is also void if the product is not used in accordance with Dynamix Loupe’s recommendations or instructions, is serviced by any party other than a Dynamix Loupes’ authorized representatives, or if the serial number has been removed or altered in any way. Warranty does not cover scratched lenses or oculars under any circumstances. In the case of any defective item, the customer must prove that any such defect was present at the time the item was delivered. Any indicated statements of a defective item must be thoroughly inspected by a product specialist at Dynamix Loupes. Judgement on whether or not such defects are covered under the warranty will remain solely with Dynamix Loupes and the Dynamix Loupes’ product specialist upon the inspection and return of the customer’s item.

Any and all repairs must be performed by a Dynamix Loupes product specialist. Any unauthorized attempts to alter or repair any Dynamix Loupes item will void the warranty.

Prior to any returns, please contact our customer service team at info@dynamixdental.com. Return for warranty without any prior and proper notification will not be processed.

In no event shall Dynamix Loupes liability be greater than the original purchase price of the product. Dynamix Loupes is not liable for consequential/special damages for transportation, installation, or other expenses which may arise.